Shihan Tetsuhiko Asai was born in Ehime Japan on 7th june in the year 1935. He grew up as the oldest of 7 children. In his home town on the isle Shikoku he vistited the high-shool. After that he studied at the Takushoki-Dai-University in Tokyo, where he practiced 3 different kinds of karate.

After some years of hard training, Shihan Asai became a JKA-Instructor and was sent to Taiwan, for introducing Karate. In spite of different circumstances he founded the organisation "Zenkoku Karate-Do Jinkai" in the 50's.

Later he was send to China, Hong Kong, Amerika, Europe und Hawai. On Hawai he led the Hawai Karate Association for 5 years.

Since the 70's Shihan Asai lives in Japan again, where he founded together with Abe and Yahara an organisation which also have the name JKA.

Shihan Asai has the following graduations: 9.Dan Shotokan-Karate, 3.Dan Cho-do, 2. Dan Chukendo, 2.Dan Judo, 2.Dan Kendo

Shihan Asai Tetsuhiko

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